About Us
Entera’s mission is to revolutionize the way people find & buy homes. We are the only real estate platform designed specifically for buyers. The largest institutional investors rely on Entera and its team to transact on billions of dollars in residential real estate. Now, we’re expanding to all buyers of single family homes who can control their journey with Entera’s innovative technology and proprietary data. Our leadership team combines extensive experience in real estate, technology, entrepreneurship and customer service. We’re dedicated to creating an innovative product and experience that empowers everyone to find and buy their perfect home.
Meet The Executive Team
Martin Kay
CEO & Co-Founder
Serial entrepreneur and real estate investor who successfully founded and exited multiple big data technology companies. Former clients include Siemens, the U.S. Department of Energy, Lexis Nexis and many of the world’s largest REITs & PE firms.
Gregory Morrison
CTO & Co-Founder
Technology & operations executive with over 15 years of leadership, tech development, sales and consulting experience. Previously built and managed cross-functional teams as VP at Ralph Lauren and SVP at TradeCard.
Robert Salmons
VP of Brokerage & Co-Founder
Brokerage operations & real estate analytics expert with 25 years of experience. Nationally recognized and actively licensed in 8 states, responsible for brokering $100Ms of transactions for clients ranging from individuals to institutional investors and banks including Chase, Bank of America and Fannie Mae.
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