Find The Best Homes & Scale Your Residential Real Estate Operations

Your all-in-one place to find, buy, and operate single-family investments, enabling speed, scale, and maximum returns.

Efficiently and Effectively Scale Your Operation


Actionable Insights

Use real-time insights into market dynamics to make smarter offers on the right properties.

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Smarter, Faster Purchases

With our AI, instantly match with the right homes and make better offers that are more likely to close.


Seamless Transactions

Our specialized team handles everything: negotiations, paperwork, inspections, title, and closing.

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Scalable Operations

Leverage our technology, experience, and services to rapidly enter new markets and maximize returns.

Entera Helps Operators Grow Bigger, Work Smarter, and Optimize Operations


Access the Best Single Family Real Estate in One Place

A Single Source for All Real Estate

350,000+ on and off-market single family homes across 32+ markets. You won’t need to go anywhere else.

Have the Data That Matters

Access the most valuable set of proprietary real estate data to help you quickly make the best decision: real-time rent and market values, renovation costs, neighborhood trends, tax rates, CAP rates and appreciation, and more.

Build and Refine Your Buy Box

Access real-time market dynamics to test and validate your buy box and enter markets with confidence.

Discovery AND Decisioning

Apply Real-Time Market Data To Make Smarter Decisions

24/7 AI-Driven Instant Matching

Our technology automatically filters from 20,000  to the 10 best properties that meet your strategy in seconds.

Make Fully Informed Decisions, Fast

With the right data and proprietary toolsets, you can comp, underwrite, and send people out to properties so you can make a truly informed decision and the best possible offer on properties.

Win and Control

Efficient Transactions and Scalable Operations

Win More Real Estate With Confidence

Realize a 2X higher win rate with our full-time professional negotiators whose sole job is to help you win.

Enjoy a Seamless Transaction Process

Rely on our specialized closing team to help you transact accurately and efficiently, and our logistics team to ensure the right service partners get into the house at the right time.

Operate at Scale with Total Control

Centralize and manage your service providers and tap into our Service Partner Network to assist with inspection, title, insurance, construction, appraisal, lending, and property management.

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Expand Your Operations and Seize More Buying Opportunities

Strategically Build Your Operations

Take the knowledge and processes you built with us and expand your footprint and operation into any one of our 32 (and growing) markets.

Maximize Your Returns With New Opportunities

Stay up-to-date on current market trends to proactively choose which markets to enter to achieve your goals, then seamlessly expand your market footprint with on-the-ground expertise and immediate access to the best markets and real estate available.

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