Deploy Capital into Residential Real Estate at Scale

Your end-to-end solution to intelligently build and scale a single-family residential strategy for your fund.

“It's like the Bloomberg Terminal for Single Family Residential Investors”

Gain a Wealth of Real Estate Knowledge

Access expert advisors and real-time market intelligence to develop, validate, and optimize a single family rental strategy with maximum returns.

Access a Centralized Real Estate Ecosystem

Control your operation and access a fully integrated network of service partners and resources in your desired markets.

Become An Asset-Light Operation

With our best-in-class services at your disposal, you can invest across 32+ markets while expanding your scale with limited headcount.

“It is like the Bloomberg terminal for Single Family Residential Investors”

- Chief Investment Officer, Institutional Fund

How Entera Helps You Succeed And Grow


Tap Into Residential Real Estate Expertise Every Step of the Way

Determine Your Strategy

Our technology and advisors enable you  to understand the best investment approach to validate your thesis, develop an operating approach, and execute a winning strategy.

Set Up With Minimal Upfront Investment

Get the resources, knowledge, and partners needed to stand up an asset-light operation and maximize returns.

Grow and Scale Your Operation

We’ll help you scale your operation, gain complete visibility into your performance, and drive continuous improvement.

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Your All-In-One Investing Solution

Access Rich Property Data

Access a single source of truth of hundreds of thousands of properties, with insights on financials, physical characteristics, location, and demographics.

Match Smarter and Offer Faster

Leverage cutting-edge technology to help you refine your single family investing strategy, match to the ideal properties, and offer all in one place.

Simplify Your Investment Management

Centralize your entire team into a single platform so you can simplify how you manage and report on your investments.

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Stand Up an Asset-Light Operation

Own and Control Your Business

Gain full visibility and control over your real estate investments without the pains and costs associated with setting up an entire operations team.

Access Trusted Partners

Tap into our network of service providers and operators that will help you drive maximum returns with  reliability, control, and predictability.

Sustainable Scale

Confidently and consistently grow your business with AI-driven technology and full-service real-estate specialists with a proven track record of achieving investment goals.

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